Phone Repair at Home

2 Options for Having the Phone Repairs At Home Mobile phones have become part of our lives.  The phone is not a device for making and receiving calls only. Today, the mobile phone will have messaging services such as texts, email, and chats.  A phone will access the internet, play games, and perform banking transactions. Demand for […]

Repair iPhone XR screen

How to Replace iPhone XR Screen Should a drop or bump damage your iPhone XR screen leading to a crack or breakage, the option is to replace it. Just as other smartphones, the iPhone XR screen is susceptible to damage. The following guide will take you through the process of replacement. You will make some […]

iPhone Glass Repair

iPhone Glass Repair: 3 Factors to Consider Before Repairing    By design, the iPhone mobile phone is all glass. The glass screen covers the entire front of the phone. Some internal components of the phone have glass elements. For those who are clumsy, the danger for smashing the screen ever-present.  Even for the cautious one, […]

iPhone X Repair Cost Cheap

AFFORDABLE IPHONE X REPAIR Majority of us are victims of smartphone spoilage.  When a phone spoils what is the best thing to do?  People fear to take their smartphones for repair because the cost of repairing might be more than what they initially used to buy the phone. The owner of the phone might be […]

iPhone X Repair Cost

PAYING FOR IPHONE X REPAIR Smartphones are delicate devices and they can easily break or just refuse to switch on one day.  The following factors contribute to phone breaking down or failing to function as required: Water damage – a phone can easily get damaged by water.  It can fall in a bucket of water […]