Phone Repair at Home

phone repair at home

2 Options for Having the Phone Repairs At Home

Mobile phones have become part of our lives.  The phone is not a device for making and receiving calls only. Today, the mobile phone will have messaging services such as texts, email, and chats.  A phone will access the internet, play games, and perform banking transactions. Demand for devices with advanced functionality is on the rise; manufacturers in response are producing mobiles phones with features to meet this need.  Mobile phones today are ‘mini offices.’  If the phone stops working, it becomes a significant cause for concern.

Manufacturers are aware that at some point, phones will malfunction. Phones may stop working due to a defect at the factory during production or a mishandling by the user. Phone makers have set up their repair stations to assist customers. They have employed qualified technicians who diagnose and repair phones.

If a phone needs repair, one has to consider different options available. The desire to have the device back in perfect working condition has become an urgent need. Home repair services have emerged to meet this need.  

There are two options to have the phone repaired at home.

  1. Self-Repairs at Home

Many phone repairs can be effectively be carried out at home by following instructions on the operations manual. Phone manufacturers have on their website given guidelines on how to handle many common errors. The internet too has many video tutorials on mobile phone repairs.

Some damages will action will right away. For instance, if the phone submerges in water, you are advised to fix the problem immediately. Failure to act will lead to irreversible damages to the phone. In case of liquid damage, remove all detachable parts like the sim card, the battery, and covers. Use a dry cloth to absorb all the water and leave the phone to dry for 48 hours.

The main challenge in home self-home repairs is the ability to make a proper diagnosis and finding the right tools. A solution to the problem is good to familiarize yourself with the model of your mobile device. Individuals with knowledge about their equipment will spot minor hitches before they turn to become major problems.

  • Home Repairs by Local Experts

The need to have a faulty mobile phone back to working condition soonest has created opportunities for qualified technicians.  Almost in every estate, there is a shop that offers mobile repairs services. As business demands, technicians are willing to visit customers at their homes and do repairs if the need arises. A majority of phone repairs will take in less than 60 minutes. As a user, all you need is contact detail for an expert in your area. The service is at a fee.


 Authorized dealers perform repairs at no fee if the device is under warranty. The warranty should also cover the fault in the phone. Should the device be out of warranty, expect to pay a fee. The major disadvantage of using the manufacturers is the time it takes to have the phone repaired, in most cases, not less than seven days. Majority of phone owners will not be patient for more than a week without their treasured phones.