How to Block Sponsored Ads on YouTube

block sponsored ads in youtube

How to Block Sponsored Ads on YouTube

Looking to make your YouTube experience ad-free? Learn how to block sponsored ads on YouTube and enjoy uninterrupted content.


YouTube is a popular platform for streaming videos, but the presence of sponsored ads can be distracting and disrupt the viewing experience. Fortunately, there are ways to block these ads and enjoy uninterrupted content. In this article, we will discuss various methods to block sponsored ads on YouTube and make the platform more enjoyable for users. Whether you are using YouTube on a computer or mobile device, we have got you covered. So, let’s dive in and learn how to eliminate those pesky ads!

How to Block Sponsored Ads on YouTube

Blocking sponsored ads on YouTube can be done using different methods depending on the device or browser you are using. Let’s explore the most effective ways to accomplish this.

Browser Extensions for Desktop

Installing browser extensions is one of the easiest methods to block sponsored ads on YouTube while using a desktop computer. Here are some popular browser extensions that can help you achieve an ad-free experience:

  1. AdBlock Plus: This extension is available for various browsers and it effectively blocks not only YouTube ads but also ads on other websites. By using AdBlock Plus, you can enjoy uninterrupted videos on YouTube.
  2. uBlock Origin: Another widely used browser extension, uBlock Origin, is known for its efficiency in eliminating sponsored ads. It is lightweight and does not consume excessive system resources.
  3. AdGuard: With a comprehensive ad-blocking filter list, AdGuard is a powerful tool to block ads on YouTube. It not only removes ads but also enhances your privacy and security while browsing.

YouTube Premium Subscription

If you are a dedicated YouTube viewer and want an ad-free experience on all of your devices, subscribing to YouTube Premium is the way to go. With a monthly fee, YouTube Premium offers various benefits, including:

  • Ad-free viewing on all YouTube videos, including sponsored ads.
  • Background play, allowing you to listen to videos with your screen off or while using other apps.
  • Downloading videos and playlists for offline viewing.
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium for ad-free music streaming.

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can support your favorite content creators while enjoying an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Mobile Apps for Blocking Ads

If you primarily use YouTube on your mobile device, here are some apps that can help you block sponsored ads:

  1. YouTube Vanced: This popular app is specifically designed to provide an ad-free YouTube experience on Android devices. It offers features such as background play and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  2. Cercube: Available for iOS devices, Cercube is a feature-rich app that not only blocks ads but also provides additional functionalities like background play and video downloading.

These apps are not available on official app stores due to their ad-blocking capabilities. However, they can be downloaded from third-party sources easily by following the provided instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blocking Sponsored Ads on YouTube

Q: Does blocking sponsored ads on YouTube violate any terms of service?

A: While blocking ads on YouTube is against their terms of service, many users still opt for ad-blocking methods without facing any consequences. However, keep in mind that using ad-blocking extensions or apps may affect revenue for content creators.

Q: Can I block specific ads on YouTube while allowing others?

A: Unfortunately, most ad-blocking methods block all ads, including specific ones. If you want to selectively block or allow certain ads, the available options might be limited.

Q: Will blocking sponsored ads on YouTube affect the quality of the videos?

A: Blocking ads should not have any impact on the quality of videos. The ads are separate from the actual video content, and blocking them will not affect the playback or resolution of the videos.

Q: Are there any downsides to using ad-blocking methods on YouTube?

A: Although ad-blocking methods provide an ad-free experience, they may affect the revenue of content creators. Ads often contribute to the earnings of YouTubers, so using ad-blockers can indirectly impact their income.


Sponsored ads on YouTube can be annoying and disrupt the viewing experience. Thankfully, there are various methods to block these ads and enjoy uninterrupted content. Whether you choose to use browser extensions, opt for a YouTube Premium subscription, or install mobile apps, you have options to make your YouTube experience ad-free. Before using any ad-blocking methods, consider the impact it may have on content creators, as advertisements play a significant role in their revenue generation. By finding a balance between eliminating ads and supporting your favorite creators, you can create a more enjoyable YouTube experience tailored to your preferences. So, go ahead and block those sponsored ads on YouTube!